Leverage the power of Edutech’s Learning Management System (LMS) for comprehensive Subject, Syllabus, and Time Table Management. Our LMS module is designed to empower educators and institutions in delivering a structured and efficient learning experience.

Department Management

  • 1. Subject Management:
  • • Effortless Subject Creation: Easily create and manage subjects tailored to your curriculum.
  • • Assignment and Assessment Integration: Seamlessly integrate assignments and assessments within each subject for a holistic learning approach.
  • • Progress Tracking: Monitor student progress in each subject, enabling targeted support where needed.
  • 2. Syllabus Management:
  • • Centralized Syllabus Repository: Maintain a centralized repository for syllabi, ensuring easy access for educators and students.
  • • Real-Time Updates: Keep syllabi up-to-date with real-time editing and version control features.
  • • Mapping to Subjects: Associate syllabi directly with corresponding subjects for clarity and organization.
  • 3. Time Table Management:
  • • Automated Time Table Creation: Streamline the time table creation process with automated tools for efficient scheduling.
  • • Customizable Schedules: Tailor schedules to meet the unique needs of different classes and academic programs.
  • • Alerts and Reminders: Set automated alerts and reminders for both educators and students to stay on top of class schedules.


  • • Structured Learning Environment: Create a structured and organized learning environment with effective Subject, Syllabus, and Time Table Management.
  • • Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration among educators by providing a centralized platform for subject and syllabus coordination.
  • • Time Efficiency: Save time and reduce administrative burden with automated tools for time table creation and syllabus management.
Explore the LMS – Subject, Syllabus, Time Table Management feature and witness how Edutech's LMS can elevate your institution's learning experience.