Efficiently manage academic fees with Edutech’s comprehensive Online/Offline Fees Management system. Whether it’s facilitating secure online transactions or handling traditional offline payments, our system ensures a seamless and reliable process.

Key Features

  • Recurring Fees Management: Simplify the handling of recurring fees with Edutech. Set up and manage periodic payments effortlessly, ensuring timely collection for tuition, subscriptions, and other recurring charges.
  • Auto Alerts: Stay informed and in control with our auto alert system. Receive timely notifications for pending fees, ensuring that no payment deadline is missed.
  • Online Transactions: Facilitate secure online transactions for academic fees through our integrated payment gateway, providing convenience for students and parents.
  • Offline Payments: For local transactions, our system supports hassle-free offline payments, allowing flexibility in the payment process.
  • Customization: Tailor the fees management process to meet the specific needs and structures of your educational institution.


  • Efficiency: Streamline the fees collection process, saving time for both administrators and payers.
  • Financial Transparency: Gain a clear overview of financial transactions and outstanding payments, promoting transparency.
  • Automated Reminders: Reduce manual follow-ups with automated alerts, ensuring timely payments and reducing instances of late fees.
Explore the Online/Offline Fees Management feature and experience how Edutech can transform your institution's financial processes.